Working notes

Through my working career, I have kept notes as I go. To begin with, I wrote things down on sheets of paper and put these into a ring binder, but after a bit I changed to writing in  spiral-bound books, written on one side only. Most researchers have their preferred method of record keeping, and this one I like, because

  • It keeps things together
  • If you get something wrong, you can rip out the erroneous page!
  • You can write comments on the blank pages

I have now scanned many of these working note books, and they can be downloaded from the links below. These are volumes of presearch: many of the topics actually went nowhere, or were based on mistaken assumptions, or later developed into published papers, or were left in an unfinished state. You are welcome to pick up anything you find here, but if you develop it into some published work, please acknowledge that you found some of the questions here, even if you found the answers yourself.

The table of contents of the working notes series will be found here.